Stories of O

David Walsh, Elizabeth Pearce, Jane Clark

We’ve taken the best bits from the O—the iPod-type thing you use to read about the art at Mona—and put them in a book, with lots of pretty pictures.

First a little fact: Damien Hirst is the world’s richest living artist. Another little fact: he doesn’t deserve to be.
—David Walsh

My old boyfriend once chainsawed our couch in half because it wouldn’t fit out the lounge-room door when we were moving house.
—Elizabeth Pearce

This is a metaphor for transformation: for change that is as inevitable as death.
—Jane Clark

Art criticism at its best/worst.

More Information
ISBN 9780992419219
Title Stories of O
Author(s) & contributors David Walsh, Elizabeth Pearce, Jane Clark
Publisher Mona
Black and white/colour Colour
Format Hard cover
Copyright/Year 2015