Fire Urn
Fire Urn

Fire Urn

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This small porcelain urn is inspired by Egyptian artefacts from David’s collection. It’s like a twenty-first-century take on a canopic jar, which was used to store the organs of the deceased when their body was mummified.

On the lid, the word ‘fire’ is embossed in silver leaf on a glazed, textured surface. The urn is part of a series, in which each urn is named for one of the elements, as if to marry the base reality of physical existence with the mysteries of the afterlife. Deep.

Mona commissioned the urn from English-born, Tasmanian ceramicist Penny Smith. She specialises in slip casting porcelain, architectural ceramics and refined Australian clays.

Colour White with Silver and black detail on lid and base
Materials Porcelain with brushed aluminium base
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 25cm
Made in Tasmania, Australia
Designer Penny Smith